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Square Enix Prepares Radiata Stories for North America


Radiata Stories

Today Square Enix announced that Radiata Stories will arrive in North American stores on September 6. The PlayStation title was developed by tri-Ace, the same company that created the Star Ocean series and Valkyrie Profile.

Radiata Stories is set in a world where humans and fairies live in harmony, and the story follows the journey of Jack and Ridley. Both become knights, but for different reasons. Jack is pursuing a dream, while Ridley is bound to fate. When war breaks out between humans and fairies, Jack and Ridley must become much more than just knights. They must become heroes.

Players have much to discover in the world of Radiata. Jack and Ridley will meet over 175 different characters in their journey, and players will choose which side to fight for and thus choose which people will join their group. The environment of Radiata Stories is fully interactive; characters can kick objects, structures, animals, and people to discover secrets. In addition, as time passes in the game, the environment will change and characters will continue to live their own lives. Battles are fought in real time, and party formations in combat are important to strategy. Players can also collect many different weapons and sets of armor to change Jack’s appearance and stats; some pieces are even cameos from other tri-Ace titles.

Radiata Stories will retail in North America for $49.99 (USD). The game has been rated “T” by the ESRB.

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Radiata Stories
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