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Monsters Are Prime For Ranching Again



In the recent issue of Shonen Jump, Tecmo unveiled that the newest installment in the Monster Rancher series is scheduled for release in Japan before the end of the year. Monster Farm 5: Circus Caravan is scheduled to focus less on the monster-breeding and battling aspects of the series and will swing more towards the traditional roleplaying genre. There will still be monster-breeding in the games and once again, players will be able to generate new monsters from any CD or DVD they may own.

Players in Circus Caravan will take the role of Julio, a monster caretaker whom hopes to one day become a good monster breeder. Nayuta, a shaman capable of performing rituals to revive monsters, will be accompanying Julio on his travels. Both Julio and Nayuta are circus performers and while adventuring, it will be up to the players to ensure that their shows are a success.

Monster Rancher 5 will focus on music, dancing, and performances. Early illustrations show Julio using an accordian, Nayuta as an acrobat, and a Mocchi juggling balls. While past titles in the Monster Rancher series have been localized, no release details outside of Japan have been announced. Keep an eye out on the main page for more details as they arise.

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