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Justice League of America RPG Rockets into Production



As classic comic book heroes are returning to the spotlight via multimedia such as movies and games, it should come as no surprise that the mother of all superhero unions will now be speeding towards your TV screens, courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The company announced today that it has in the works an action RPG based on none other than DC Comics' Justice League of America.

While many of the details were kept under wraps, such as the name of the game's developer, some tidbits of information were divulged. Currently projected for the latter half of 2006, the game will be released for both the Xbox and the PlayStation 2. Playable characters will include a large percentage of the League's superheroes, with each superhero sporting his or her own unique fighting styles and customizable skills. Also hinted at was a two-player mode and interactive environments for players to destroy as they see fit.

Including such famous characters as Wonder Woman, Batman, and Flash, the organization of all-American superheroes made its debut in 1960, whereupon the legendary superhumans banded together to battle the extraterrestrial forces of evil. With the creation of the game, the Justice League of America will add another entry into its impressive repetoire of spinoffs, including several television shows.

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