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Square Enix Unchains New Final Fantasy XI Expansion Information


Final Fantasy XI

Square Enix recently updated its official website for Final Fantasy XI with new information regarding the game's upcoming expansion, Chains of Promathia. New places, characters, and equipment have been added, along with new screenshots to show them off.

Only two new areas were revealed in this update. One is the Emptiness of Promyvion, a manifestation of the strange phenomenon that threatens Vana'diel. The other is Cape Riverne, also known as Site #A01. This area lies on the western part of Tavnazia. It was once a peaceful meadow, but an earthquake ripped the land into chunks, some of which are now floating in the sky. The strange area is under investigation by an expedition from Tavnazia.

The update also introduces several new characters. One is Nag'molada, a Hume male who serves as a diplomat for the Duchy of Jeuno. His resume is impressive; he is a member of the Armathwn Society, he helped found the Allied Forces of Altana, and he is a skilled strategist and negotiator. Despachiaire is an Elvaan male who united the survivors of the attack on Tavnazia during the Crystal War. His son died in that attack, leaving him to care for his granddaughter Ulmia. The Chebukki family consists of three mischievous Tarutaru who were born and raised in Tavnazia: Makki-Chebukki, Kukki-Chebukki, and Cherukiki. Justinius is the leader of a patrol group that watches over the remains of Tavnazia. He is very serious, and often has difficulty dealing with the antics of the Chebukki family. Tenzen is a young samurai on a mission from his country in the Far East. He is best described as skilled, honorable, and loyal. The most notable and familiar character is Bahamut, known as the Wyrmking in Chains of Promathia. His role in the game has not been revealed.

As Tavnazia was once a great center of trade, adventurers will discover armor unlike anything they have seen before. Some pieces are exotic, like the Sha'ir Manteel and the Barone Corazza, a kind of armor worn by the Tavnazian knights. The luxurious and elaborate details reflect the former prosperity of Tavnazia. Adventurers may also wish to try on the Bison Jacket, a garment made from tough, durable leather that stands up to heavy battle damage. Another notable ensemble is the Igqira Weskit, which comes from the Mithran homeland. The outfit is decorated with special patterns that supposedly protect the wearer from evil spirits and curses.

Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia will be released in Japan on September 16 and in North America on September 21. Final Fantasy XI will make its European debut on September 16 as well.

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