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Square Enix Registers More Trademarks


Square Enix

It seems as if the Square Enix think tank has been busy as of late. On top of the recently registered trademark that was previously reported, Square Enix has registered two brand new trademarks for use in the United States.

The first newly filed trademark, Dawn of Souls, was registered on July 26 under the serial number 78456727. Dirge of Cerberus, the second new trademark, was filed on August 4 under the serial number 78461653.

These trademarks encompass a broad range of uses, from games on any format to merchandise. However, it is not certain that these trademarks will lead to new games. Many may remember Square Enix filing a trademark for the name Chrono Break, which was expected to be a new installment in the Chrono series, but has since been abandoned.

Update - 08.18.2004

Square Enix has since announced that the subtitle for Final Fantasy 1&2 Advance will be Dawn of Souls when it is released in Europe. Currently, Nintendo of Europe has the title scheduled for release on December 10. This new development seems to give substance to the possibility of this title being released in North America but for now it's still unofficial.

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