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Lineage Expansion Launched



NCsoft has announced the North American launch of the latest expansion to the original Lineage. Episode 2: Heaven and Earth clocks in at 71 MB, with a renovated user interface, new quests, new enemies, and more.

Episode 2: Heaven and Earth introduces the Lastabad Dark Elves, who are running rampant throughout Aden. The town of Gludio, as well as the adjacent Slime Race, has been destroyed; the Gludio area is under attack by Lastabad, as are the Oasis, Desert, and Wasteland areas. Lastabad Army NPCs will participate in certain player castle sieges (Kent, Windawood, Giran, Heine, and Aden); the entire Lastabad Army must be killed during these sieges, or the Lastabad Army NPCs will be granted ownership of the castle. Cities under Lastabad Army NPC control will suffer from a 25% default castle tax rate.

Pets Level 30 or higher can now be evolved into High Pets by feeding them a Fruit of Evolution. Their HP and MP will start at half of their pre-evolution total. High Pets require twice as much experience to level up as normal pets; they also use a different set of pet spells, with higher MP cost.

Lineage is available for download at the game's official site, with a subscription fee of $15 per month. NCsoft also offers a discounted subscription of $11.25 per month with purchase of a four-month block.

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