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Everquest II Pre-order Campaign


Everquest II

Sony Online Entertainment recently announced it's pre-order campaign for Everquest II which gives purchasers the Everquest II Starter Kit. The Starter Kit includes:

  • The full game’s unparalleled character creation tool, which allows you to create & save your characters
  • Unique account key that will grant your character a pair of Journeyman Boots for an extra burst of speed
  • Special EverQuest II content including a behind the scenes video, exclusive MP3s from the soundtrack, and the official trailer
  • Fan Site Kit for building your own EverQuest II website
  • The E3 demo movie with narration by Scott Hartsman
  • The first chapter of our lore series telling what has occurred in the 500 years since EverQuest took place (to be continued on
  • System scan that evaluates your current hardware configuration
  • Special offers for incredible savings on PC upgrades to enhance your gaming experience

The Everquest II Starter Kit will also be available in other countries. If you live in one of the countries listed below then be sure to check out your local retailers to see if they are or will be participating in this pre-order campaign. There will be no special offers for savings shipped with the Starter Kits for other countries outside of North America. The Kits will all be in English and will not be translated to other languages for it's release in other countries. This is the list of confirmed countries that will be holding this pre-order campaign:

  • Canada
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Scandanavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland)

The pre-order campaign officially starts on August 2 but many retailers may start giving away the Starter Kit as soon as it's made available to them. At this time, Gamestop and EBGames have started their pre-order campaigns online. Sony Online Entertainment expects to ship this game in North America on November 15th.

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Everquest II
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