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City of Heroes Update Released


City of Heroes

NCsoft Corporation has launched the first update for Cryptic Studios' City of Heroes since the MMORPG's late April release. Issue 1: Through the Looking Glass is available to all City of Heroes subscribers via automatic download.

Through the Looking Glass offers an in-game costume customization feature, building on one of City of Heroes' distinguishing features. Icon, a company in the game's Paragon City, will make costume and body modifications. Heroes can earn additional costumes over time by doing favors for Icon's tailors.

Three new villain groups are introduced. The Malta Group is a military organization that uses Titan robots. The Carnival of Shadows manipulates its audiences for its own evil ends. Most ominous are the Praetorians, extra-dimensional "evil twins" of Paragon City's most famous heroes.

The update offers ten new play levels, new missions, and new zones such as Peregrine Island, located off the coast of Paragon City. The island is the home of the Portal Corporation, the creators of Paragon City's transportation technology. Also introduced is the Rikti Crash Site, a section of the city used by the alien Rikti as a command center. As the military cannot contain the Rikti, Paragon City's heroes will be called upon to keep order in the area.

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