Square Enix: Kingdom Hearts Titles, New Final Fantasy Movie Forthcoming

Square Enix has revealed information on two new Kingdom Hearts titles, as well as a new Final Fantasy movie that will be set in familiar surroundings.

The first Kingdom Hearts title is none other than Kingdom Hearts 2, which has been reported to be in development for some time now. No release date has been set yet, but no doubt we'll find out more about this sequel when the Tokyo Game Show opens its doors this week. The other Kingdom Hearts title is the big surprise, however; titled Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, it will see release on the Game Boy Advance. Like its PlayStation 2 big brother though, nothing else is known about the title, save for what will be revealed to the press at the Tokyo Game show.

Rumors of a Final Fantasy VII sequel can finally be put to rest, but the outcome is not quite what gamers would have expected. Instead of being a playable title, the sequel, subtitled Advent Children, will be released as a DVD movie. This epilogue will take us back to the world of Final Fantasy VII to find out what has happened to Cloud and his cohorts two years after saving the planet from Sephiroth and Meteor. Needless to say, countless thousands of fan fictions will be rendered obsolete with this movie. A release is scheduled to take place sometime next year.

For now, screenshots of the above titles can be found here.

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by Michael Bischoff    
Sources: [Quiter]

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