Wild ARMs: Alter Code F Details Gallop Into Town

Media Vision recently updated its official Wild ARMs: Alter Code F website. In addition to character artwork and screenshots, the site also includes some new details pertaining to the game's systems.

Wild ARMs: Alter Code F will draw upon previous titles by featuring an encounter cancel system. It will center on a special item that displays an exclamation mark and a gauge whenever an enemy approaches. Players can attempt to evade the monster at the cost of reducing the gauge, but if it runs out the potential battle cannot be avoided. The speed of decrease of the gauge's level depends on the level of the monster; high level monsters cause it to run out faster. The item itself can be improved, and it can be refilled by collecting special white gems found scattered throughout the dungeons.

Another feature will be the vitality gauge, which will serve as a way to refill HP lost in battle. After each battle, the vitality gauge can be used to refill the characters' HP, thus decreasing the player's dependency on healing items. However, like the encounter gauge, it can be depleted through use and replenished by picking up special orange gems in the dungeons.

Wild ARMs: Alter Code F is currently scheduled to arrive in Japanese stores on November 27. Unfortunately, a North American release has not been announced yet.

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by Cortney Stone    

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