Square Enix Polishing Fullmetal Alchemist For TGS

The hitherto unannounced title of Square Enix's upcoming mystery game to be unveiled at the rapidly approaching Tokyo Game Show has been unmasked, and it appears as though the company is going to bring out another new title. The game, an action RPG set to appear on the PlayStation 2, will be entitled Fullmetal Alchemist.

Square Enix is borrowing a page out of Bandai's marketing theory guidebook; not only is the game based off an existing manga, said strip will be exploding into a television series starting October 4 in Japan. The show will presumably be in full gear when Square Enix releases their title, which has previously been slated for arrival before the year is out.

Despite this fast-encroaching release date for Japan, no solid information has been provided on possible localizations. Square Enix does generally localize the bulk of its games, however, so the chances for this title reaching North America are better than most such games.

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by Andrew Long    
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