Microsoft Announces Jade Empire

In a press release today, Microsoft confirmed the title of a joint project between Microsoft Game Studios and Bioware called Jade Empire. An exclusive title for the Xbox, Jade Empire will be an action-RPG based in martial arts and mysticism.

Jade Empire will start the player off as a martial arts student in a land hinting at both Chinese and South American roots. Fresh out of school, the game will be akin to a spiritual journey, with players venturing across the land in search of honor, riches, and skill. In addition, like many of Bioware's other titles, personal choice will play a vast role in determining how the rest of the world reacts to the character. If someone plays the vicious thug --- accosting travelers, picking fights, and breaking the law --- then they will develop a bandit-like reputation to match, which will follow them throughout the world and precede them to some locations. However, if they turn the opposite face, and conduct themselves as a noble fighter, then they will bring riches, fame, and prestige to their home and themselves.

To top off the cake, it has also been revealed that players will have the freedom to develop their very own school of fighting as they travel the land. During their ventures abroad, they will accumulate skill, which can then be used to learn a variety of combat moves from numerous styles.

There is currently no set release date for Jade Empire. However, Bioware is attending the Tokyo Game Show and has announced that it will reveal more details there on September 26th.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Team XBox]

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