Front Mission 4 on the Horizon

In yet another nice bit of strategy RPG news, Square Enix has announced that a fourth addition to the Front Mission series is coming our way. Or more accurately, the way of the Japanese, as there are no hints of a North American or European release in the works yet.

This newest installment will take place between the times of the first and second games, which were separated by roughly 12 years. With inklings of a system similar to Front Mission 3, this title's story will focus around the exploits of two protagonists named Elsa and Darril, who are both involved in military service. As of yet, it is unclear whether there will be two separate stories or a single intertwined narrative. In addition, there have been hints that some form of online play will be included with the title, although nothing hard has been confirmed yet.

Front Mission 4 is currently being planned for release this winter on PlayStation 2 in Japan. The game is also expected to make a showing at this year's Tokyo Game Show, so more details should be surfacing shortly.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [The Magic Box]

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