Wild ARMs F Site Opens

Sony's recent announcement of Wild ARMS F has since been followed by the game's official site opening. Currently, the site offers little more than a snippet of the three main characters, some fairly nostalgic music, and a teaser message indicating more information will be forthcoming in Japanese magazines. The flash based site is expected to flesh itself out in the coming weeks.

Wild ARMS F is a remake of Sony's original Wild ARMS, one of the original Playstation's first RPGs. The story tells the tale of Jack, a treasure hunter; Cecilia, a mage princess; and Rudy, a mysterious child; as they seek to uncover the mysteries of the planet Fargaia. The remake will feature enhanced "realistic" graphics, new characters, and a rewritten script.

Wild ARMS F is slated to release in Japan during the winter months. It is unknown if, and when, North America will see the game.

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by Matt Chan    
Source: [Wild Arms F Official Site]

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