Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Receives Warm Reception

Square Enix and Nintendo got to share a happy moment together this weekend as they took another step towards resolving their separation with the release of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on the GameCube. And as with any such compromise, the gamers were the ones who benefited most, as Japanese consumers flocked in droves this weekend to purchase the first Final Fantasy title for the GameCube.

Posting numbers which nearly matched the performance of Knights of the Old Republic for its North American release, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles managed to move nearly 200,000 copies in only a weekend of sales. Obviously a nice show of support for the Square Enix and Nintendo pairing, and hopefully enough incentive for continued ventures in the future. Crystal Chronicles was released on August 7th in Japan and is currently scheduled for a February of 2004 release in North America.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Polygon Mag]

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