Sudeki Shifted to 2004

Microsoft has announced that it will be delaying the release of Sudeki, its Climax-developed RPG for the XBox, until Spring of 2004. Originally, Sudeki was planned for a fourth-quarter release in 2003 to get it out in time for the major shopping holidays. However, the reasoning for the delay is that the game still needs "polishing" and that the greatest possible experience for gamers needs to be ensured.

Sudeki is being designed as a cinematic combat RPG in which gunslingers and sorceresses do battle in a Hong Kong movie style, real-time battle system. To add to the movielike feel, combat will incorporate such effects as slow-motion bullet time, earthshaking effects, and a large selection of weapons and moves. These options will be divided up amongst four playable hero choices including a sorceress, a steam-punk gunslinger, a man-at-arms, and a dark huntress. In addition, there will also be a cooperative spirit strike option, in which characters combine to attack the enemies.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Gamerfeed]

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