Sega Actually Profitable

With its long history of terrible decision-making and recent plight of red ink, it may come as a surprise to some that Sega actually turned a profit for the first quarter of the 2003 fiscal year. The company announced a profit of 1.89 billion yen, or just shy of $16 million US, having shipped 1.45 million units of software. Of those units, 1.02 went to Japanese consumers, while the US and Europe accounted for the remaining 430,000 units.

Not surprisingly, given the lack of RPGs currently on its slate, the company's success was primarily drawn from other areas. Its most popular title was the PlayStation 2 offering Let's Make a Pro Soccer Club 3, which exceeded Sega's expectations. Its arcade division suffered from slightly lower sales than expected, but still made a profit. Other successful titles for the company included Star Horse and UFO Catcher 7.

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by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Magic Box]

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