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Sega's Sonic Team has been releasing a steady flow of details regarding Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution since the game's announcement. The first of the new details reveals that the game will make use of the Game Boy Advance link up feature. Exactly how this feature will be used was not described.

Moving on, the game will boast play modes that can entertain up to four players. These multiplayer bonanzas are available offline, but can be enhanced by downloading extra content. Also playable offline is the game's story mode. In this mode, players can choose to fight for the "heroic side" or the "dark side." Each of the two sides contains various quests, which advance the different aspects of PSO III's plot. Finally, it was announced that players can go head to head in an offline versus mode, and see who can beter wield the cards.

Regarding the Hunter's License required for online play, Sega has said that gamers can use their existing license from PSO Episodes 1&2. This means that, upon the game's release, players who still have time left on the Hunter's Licenses they purchased for the previous installment can continue their adventure on the new game at no extra cost.

This GameCube title, whose Japanese beta testing began today, will be periocially updated with new quests and new downloadable content to make the offline adventure all the more robust. More details to come.

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