Sega Dispenses Information on Otogi

On the afternoon of Thursday, July 24th, RPGamer participated in a conference call with Sega of America to speak about Otogi, an action/adventure hybrid with some RPG elements for the Xbox. While it was on display at E3, a few more things about the title were revealed. Questions were answered by Noah Musler, Otogi's product manager.

Sega of America's staff actually discovered Otogi after a Christmas trip to Tokyo, where some of the contingent discovered the game in Akihabara. The game is heavily based on Japanese myth, and it centers on the Heian era, which was between the eighth and twelth centuries A.D.

As such, the game's protagonist, Raikoh, is actually a predecessor to the traditional samurai. All of the artwork throughout the game reflects the demons from the mythology of that time period. Raikoh himself is based on the historical figure Minamoto Yoriyoshi, a famous warrior and commander in 11th century Japan.

Combat in Otogi has a very hack-and-slash feel to it, as players can link combos that can go over 500 hits. Besides his use of weapons (33 throughout the entire game), there are accessories that can be leveled, as well as magic and various items. While the magic is based on an elemental system, it is modeled after the Chinese cardinal directions, with the fifth element used by some demons in the game.

One of the Otogi's most intriguing features is the environment itself, and the fact that a good portion of it can be destroyed (almost 90%, according to Sega's estimate). Otogi also makes use of the Xbox's hard drive, as players have the option of replaying a particular level either destroyed or completely unharmed. Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound is also used throughout the game. Because of these features, Sega does not expect Otogi to be ported to any of the other consoles at this time.

According to Sega of America, Otogi is slated for a North American release on August 26th. RPGamer will keep you posted on any further developments.

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by Paul Koehler    
Source: [Sega]

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