Square Enix Maintains Final Fantasy Pop Tradition

Over the past few years, it has become customary for Final Fantasy titles to contain pop numbers, a trend that began with Eyes on Me in Final Fantasy VIII. This particular feature of the series has been officially continued with the announcement yesterday that Japanese pop star Yae has signed on to provide the vocals for Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles's theme song.

The latest number will be entitled "Kazenone", which roughly translates to "The Wind". For her part, Yae seemed ecstatic to be the singer for FF: CC: "My singing career so far has been much like a Final Fantasy," she remarked, "and 'Kazenone' made me see my potential and possibilites of myself." This last may be in reference to additional assistance the singer provided with the game; not only is Yae providing vocals for the theme, she is also narrating certain portions of the story.

With just under a week to go before Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is unleashed upon Japanese gamers, there is sure to be a buildup of publicity over the next few days. The game is slated for a North American release in November.

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by Andrew Long    
with contributions by Jesse Kanda
Sources: [Yahoo Japan]

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