Dungeon Siege Branching Out This Fall

Microsoft Game Studios announced today that the expansion pack for Dungeon Siege will be arriving in stores this November. Titled Dugeon Siege: Legends of Aranna, this new adventure will move players outside the original Kingdom of Ehb and onto the tropical island of Aranna. Within this framework, they will be presented with a campaign composed of nine new areas, including an expansive jungle region, which will encourage players to unravel the history and underlying mystery of the island.

To aid adventurers in their quests, Legends of Aranna will include a number of new spells and special effects, which may be needed, as the island of Aranna will also play host to a plethora of new creatures, including Clockwork Beasts and Doppelgangers. In addition to the increased options for spellcraft, players will also have the chance to gather a host of new treasures, with sylized armor sets and rare collectables being only a small sample of those available. Finally, those folks who desire a backgound more grand than human farming will now be able to start as a half-giant character, and will have further spell based options to transform into wolves, lava monsters, and trolls later in the game.

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by Gabriel Putnam    

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