Fourth Growlanser Title Set for Winter

Continuing a long succession of games that are unlikely to see foreign shores except in import form, Career Soft and Atlus are planning to release a fourth installment of their Growlanser series. Planned as a Playstation 2 title, Growlanser 4 is expected to advance the series signifigantly in terms of story and characterization. In fact, Career Soft is planning to feature a completely new world and set of characters, which will break the trend of direct sequels that has been the pattern for the prior three titles.

Much like previous Growlanser games, however, this title will still make use of the Realtime Mission Clear system, where the results of combat can impact how the story plays out afterward. In addition, the battles are also expected to incorporate a significantly greater number of realtime elements than were present in prior titles. Changes are also planned for the world itself, which will be making the shift to a continuous system (a la Baldur's Gate or Ultima), where overworld, city, and dungeon flow seamlessly into one another.

The next Growlanser installment will feature primarily spoken conversations and will include a fairly significant cast of voice actors to back this up. Included in this group will be Megumi Toyoguchi (previously in the anime series Rara Mitsuki), Ryoko Nagata (Kiddy Grade), Yuki Makishima (Argentosoma), and Yumi Kakazu (Vandread).

Growlanser 4 is expected to be released in Japan during mid-to-late fourth quarter 2004. No North American or European localizations have been hinted at, as of yet.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
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