Light Shines Over Shadowlands

After 18 months in development, Funcom's expansion pack to Anarchy Online has been given an official release date. Entitled Shadowlands, the expansion is scheduled to arrive in North American retail stores on August 26th.

Some key features of Shadowlands include a raised level cap of 220, enhanced graphics, hundreds of new monsters with improved AI, 20 new play fields, the floating city of Jobe, and much more. Game Director Gaute Godager commented, "We wanted to make something totally unique and original, with graphics, depth, ambience, and gameplay like no other online title."

The pack will include the full versions of Anarchy Online, the previous expansion Notum Wars, and Shadowlands. Customers who pre-order the game are entitled to an exclusive luxury apartment in the floating city of Jobe. The suggested retail price for Shadowlands is $29.99.

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