Arc the Lad Secrets Unlocked
Arc the Lad Collection

Since the release of Arc the Lad Collection, RPGamers have worked through the epic story which is well over 100 hours long. Working Designs knew that they would need help, and announced the upcoming release of two strategy guides, the first covering Arc the Lad I and Arc the Lad II, and the second dedicated to Arc the Lad III.

Last week, RPGamer got our hot little hands on the first guide--just barely. The hardbound book weighs in at a mammoth 571 pages. Packed full of more information than anyone actually wanted to know, and a full color map of any area required, this guide is what people have been asking for. In addition, there are exclusive interviews, three pages of stickers, and last, but not least, a coupon to get your very own Arc the Lad poster for only the cost of shipping.

Unfortunately, the good things in life aren't free, and this guide is no exception. To own this ultimate guide, you will have to part with $29.95. Considering the amount of extras and exclusive material, if you're an Arc the Lad fan, you can't let this one slip by.

by Mikel Tidwell    
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