Working Designs Presents Arc the Lad Collection

Working Designs today announced the full details of the Arc the Lad Collection, a compilation including four games from the series and a "Making of the Arc the Lad Collection" movie CD. The games included will be Arc the Lad, Arc the Lad II, Arc the Lad III and Arc the Lad Monster Arena. This last is a bonus title of sorts, allowing players to pit captured monsters against each other for prizes, which can be collected in Arc the Lad II. With six CDs in total, Working Designs is heralding the collection as the largest console-based RPG anthology ever released.

In addition to the games, a host of free stuff will be included, including a hardcover instruction manual with over 140 pages. On top of this, there will be an Omake box containing 21 character mini-standees, a plastic memory card holder embossed with a character from the game, and four custom analog thumb button covers (of these, three will feature characters and one the Arc the Lad Collection logo.) Now, for pre-ordering this goodness, gamers will receive a free, limited-edition metal clip-on watch.

For the true Arc the Lad fanatic, Working Designs is also offering two hardbound strategy guides. Volume one includes maps, charts and strategies for Arc the Lad I and II, encompassing 450 pages in all. There will also be pages of memory card stickers, and an offer for a free, full-size Arc the Lad Collection poster. The second volume, while somewhat less hefty at 250 pages, is more of the same, right down to the memory card stickers and an offer for a different poster. The first volume will sell for $24.95, and the second for $19.95.

The Arc the Lad Collection will be hitting stores sometime before next year in North America. The entire collection is set at a price of $74.99 US. Click through to see the collection in all its glory

by Andrew Long    
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