Dreamcast Gets Another RPG

Despite a general consensus to the contrary, the Dreamcast is not dead. Well, not totally. Japanese developer Abogado Powers has announced D+VINE, an RPG heavily inspired by anime. The game is currently 80 % done, though the company is tight-lipped regarding actual game details. It is known that D+VINE will feature a cast of six characters: Hyde, Teres, Sakura, Yura, Gurran, and Manaty.

It is interesting to note that Abogado previously worked on an adult-targeted PC shooter game named Tobi D+VINE, which starred some of the same characters. Could we be looking at an A-rated Dreamcast RPG? Who knows? No word of a North American release has been mentioned, though RPGamer expects one to be announced soon after pigs take flight.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
Source: [Core]
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