Forever Kingdom Faces Possible Delay
Forever Kingdom

According to an Agetec employee, North American gamers may have a long wait for the localization of Forever Kingdom. Released in Japan this past June, the Playstation 2 RPG from King's Field creator From Software shaped up to be a vastly improved sequel to the company's PS2 launch title, Evergrace. Focusing on the numerous critiques of the first game, Forever Kingdom features improved graphics; a retooled Full Dress System in which equipment worn by party members actually shows up on the characters and can affect NPC reactions; and a new combat system, the Real Time Party System, which allows for players to control all three characters at once.

Although Agetec, Inc., the longtime North American publisher of From Software's titles, had planned to release Forever Kingdom sometime this fall, their localization efforts have recently hit a snag. Due to the lengthy approval process, the title has yet to be approved for a North American release. Agetec is pushing the title quite vigorously and hopes to receive approval within the week, with a Christmas season launch soon after.

Hopefully, the issues surrounding Forever Kingdom's approval will be ironed out swiftly so North American fans can finally get their hands on one of the best RPGs featured at last spring's E3.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
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