Divine Divinity Developers Discuss Devilish Imps

The developers of Divine Divinity have released more information on their upcoming game. This time, they're talking Imps. The little devils have mysterious origins, with nobody knowing exactly where they came from. Theories range from the Imps existing as magical beings, to being experiments gone horribly wrong, to being former inhabitants of the fairy lands, expelled for their obnoxious behavior. None of these theories is really verifiable, however, since Imps have a particularly unpleasant disposition.

The Imps of Divine Divinity are no 7 HP lightweights, coming equipped with exquisitely nasty dispositions, poisonous darts, and a tendency to attack anything that doesn't bear their own scent. They chiefly use blowpipes and poisonous darts for the task of killing lone travelers, a practice which pales in comparison with their other habits. They have raised cruelty to an art form, nibbling on the tongues of victims of interrogations, and even killing each other exclusively for the sake of a practical joke. The Imps are, after all, extremely intelligent in some areas; however, this intelligence seems to be limited to having fun, often at the expense of others, and they can be abhorrently stupid otherwise.

Imps tend to face enemies with reinforcement from their Raiders and Shamans. Raiders come mounted on giant spiders, and the shamans have mastery over powerful magic which can kill with a single word. Players of Divine Divinity should beware; Imp settlements have been spotted to the east of Riverton, a town that will figure prominently in a soon-to-be-released demo.

Divine Divinity's development team continues to work diligently on their project. Information, screenshots, and more can be found at the game's website. The game is currently scheduled for a release early next year.

by Andrew Long    
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