Dokapon Headed to North America

The Land of the Rising Sun is rife with series that have blossomed there, yet have never made their way to North America. Dokapon is one of those series, and, thanks to publisher AIA USA, the Japan-only run of the franchise is coming to an end. The company has announced that they will be bringing over the latest Game Boy Advance installment of the series in October.

Dokapon has made several appearances over the years, on the SNES, Game Boy and even the PlayStation. The goal of the upcoming GBA RPG is to become a licensed adventurer, a feat that is accomplished by exploring the town of Poponga, on the island of Dokkano, and battling the monsters that dwell there. Battles take a simple "rock, paper, scissors" approach, but the game is not just a vapid excuse for monster accumulation. Dokapon features a solid story to guide the actions of the player through the game. Over 150 monsters, endowed with unique abilities, are to be found in Poponga, in addition to the 120 weapons and 50 shields that are available for the main character. Replay value is provided by eight levels of play and randomized maps. Look for more information on Dokapon's North American debut as next month's launch approaches.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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