Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Opens in Japan
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Square Picture's CG film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within opened last weekend in Japan to big crowds and big box office numbers. As previously reported, numerous theatres had begun selling advance tickets beginning in July; the first few showings of the film had sold out weeks before in the 256 theatres carrying the film.

After disappointing earnings in the U.S. and Europe--the film has, to date, earned only $74 million, only 60% of its production costs--FF:TSW hopes to recoup some of those losses. The movie's distributor expects excellent earnings this week in Japan and continued success in the Asian market. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is currently playing in Japan, will open in Sweden later this month, and will be released on DVD and VHS in North America by the end of October.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [Core Magazine]
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