Shadow Hearts Gets North American Publisher
Shadow Hearts

When gamers read the first details of developer Sacnoth's Shadow Hearts, it seemed a worthy successor to the team's previous attempt, Koudelka. Well, North American gamers will now be able to make their own judgment calls on this gothic-flavored RPG when it hits shores this spring, courtesy of Midway.

Shadow Hearts was first listed in Midway's annual fiscal report as one of a number of new titles in the company's upcoming library. Although numerous publishers had been rumored to be interested in the title's North American rights, Midway had long been rumored as the forerunner in the negotiations. Known more for its arcade sports and action titles and a relative newcomer to the world of RPGs, Midway has high hopes for both the game and its efforts with it. A March 2002 release date has been posted by Midway, but company representatives believe they may be able to complete localization and ship Shadow Hearts earlier than this date. RPGamer will get to the heart of the matter and report any more confirmed dates or information as soon as they are announced.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [RPG Fan]
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