Taito Plans New Monster Breeder RPG
Monster Traveler

Taito has placed a new spin on monster breeder games with their GameBoy Color game Monster Traveler. By breeding and training 150 alien monsters from across the galaxy, gamers are given the chance to unlock the secrets of the ancient civilizations in the interstellar kingodom of Selasda. Players take the role of a young boy who has just received three alien eggs for his birthday; these eggs then hatch into his first three monsters.

Each alien monster has ten levels of evolution with each level giving them new abilities and forms, totaling a whopping 1500 alien combinations. The first three monsters in this GBC RPG have been announced as Pito, a creature that can evolve into a half-human monster; Maru, a dinosaur monster with strength type special attacks; and Mega, a cute robot monster with numerous long rang attacks and the ability to evolve into either a more powerful robot or a battle tank. Although the formula is similar to many other monster breeders on the GameBoy, perhaps Taito's monster design and sci-fi setting will attract trainers when Monster Traveler arrives in Japan this December.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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