Japanese Baldur's Gate II Patch 23037 Released
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For Japanese Baldur's Gate II fans, Bioware has released the Japanese BGII Patch 23037. This patch fixes a variety of bugs, as well as adds a hotkey.

The following bugs fixed are:

  • Better contrast between enabled and disabled buttons on higher brightness settings
  • Line wrapping on the biography and other screens now wraps correctly
  • The F3 key now toggles between the hiragana and katakana alphabets
  • When sending chat messages, users are no longer required to hit the F4 key to exit chat mode
  • Font sizes on Store screens are now smaller in order to accomodate all of the text
  • The Backspace key now correctly deletes characters in multiplayer chat modes
  • The text drop-shadow is now only displayed on floating and worldmap text, but is removed from text displayed on parchment
  • Floating text now displays correctly in 3D and 2D

The patch can alternatively be downloaded from Fileplanet or the mirror site posted on Bioware's Baldur's Gate II patch web page.

by Rebecca Phoa    
Source: [Planet Baldur's Gate]
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