Enix Announces New Online RPG

On August 24 Enix of Japan announced a new online RPG for the PC titled Depth Fantasia. Along with the announcement Enix also opened the game's official site.

Depth Fantasia gives gamers the chance to team-up with a party of up to four players online, although a single-player option is available. Adventurers set out on the quest for the Life Gems, legendary treasures passed down through generations. Upon the discovery of one of the Life Gems, thousands of demons are set loose upon the land. Players must travel from the Kingdom of Daros to Ritos Island in order to stop the demon threat and locate the rest of these precious treasures.

The battles of Depth Fantasia follow an "active chain battle" (ACB) system with which companions can link together their attacks. As in other Enix games, players adhere to a "job system" which gives one access to new abilities and magic spells; players can switch jobs mid-game and retain their old skills, allowing for multi-class characters. Leveling one's character and weapons stats is carried out by either finding Life Gems or by challenging and defeating another player in a "duel".

Four NPC characters have been announced on the Depth Fantasia official site. These include Reia Elinos, a female healer; Glanatiess, a thief who steals only from the wicked; Gatoe Clusoe, a cursed hero; and the Black Knight, a powerful, yet mysterious, swordsman.

Enix expects to begin beta-testing of Depth Fantasia in Japan by October with the game's actual release later that winter. With Depth Fantasia and the recently released Cross Gate, it appears Enix plans to climb to the forefront of online PC RPG development in Asia. Whether Enix will bring its online plans to North America is still unknown.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [RPG Fan]
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