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In the previous Divine Divinity interviews, Swen Vincke and Dirk De Boeck of Larian Studios, talked about Divine Divinity's game mechanics and its various features. Following up on these interviews, is a short talk with Divine Divinity's music composer, Kirill Pokrovsky.

Concerning the music overall, Pokrovsky stated that composing Divine Divinity's music was all about immersion and atmosphere. There were two operation modes to Divine Divinity's music system. One mode was to have several music pieces blend together seamlessly as the game's mood changes. The second mode was to have the music not change during critical story scenes, or if the team wanted to build up tension.

To demonstrate the development team's music goals, Larian Studios has posted three MP3s of the game's soundtrack. The first track "Bitva" is Russian for battle. Taking almost three months to create, this music composition uses a variety of instruments are used from the traditional to the non-traditional, such as choirs, orchestral sounds, bass guitar, electric guitar, and rock drums. The sound quality of "Bitva" is a mixture of Russian and Celtic influences. The second track "Desert Fight" is the music created for the game's Wasteland area. The last piece is simply called "Forest," and it was composed in a certain way to evoke the "right emotion at the right time." The piece plays while the player adventures through the game's many forest settings.

Larian Studios' Divine Divinity will be one of the two RPG titles shown by publisher CDV Software Entertainment at the forthcoming Electronic Consumer Trade Show (ECTS). Thanks to Larian Studios and CDV for their Divine Divinity MP3s. Larian Studios' previous interviews can be found here and here.

by Rebecca Phoa    
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