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RPGamer reported previously that From Software is working on Rune, an RPG for the GameCube. In the latest issue of Famitsu, the company has announced additional titles heading to various consoles, several of which are also role-playing games.

First up, for the PS2, is Shadow Tower Abyss, a sequel to a 3D dungeon crawler released for the PlayStation in 1999.

Microsoft's upcoming Xbox will be receiving one of its first RPGs as well, in the form of Gaia Blade. The game is a real-time fantasy RPG with gameplay that slants more towards the simulation side of things. The title promises impressive AI for the 12 different races, with experience gathering a requirement for progression.

Not to be neglected, the GameCube will be on the receiving end of two RPGs from the developer. In addition to the aforementioned Rune (working title), From is also working on Gold Star Mountain, a Pokémon-style game where the gun-slinging protagonist raises animals that are subsequently used in battle.

From looks to be covering all of its bases platform-wise, and not merely with ports either. Keep checking, as we'll be sure to inform you as new information for these titles is released from the developer.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
Source: [Gamespot]
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