Dragon Warrior IV Headed to North America

Enix, apparently possessed of a fantastic communications network comprised chiefly of Slimes, has made an announcement sure to please fans of the Dragon Warrior series. The company website today confirmed that Dragon Warrior IV, recently announced as being under development for re-release on the PlayStation, will be making its way to North America following its domestic release later this year in Japan.

The company made the decision, according to Paul Handelman, president of Enix America, because "The overwhelming success of Dragon Warrior III not only reaffirms the popularity of the franchise, but also underscores our belief that a fantastic gameplay experience is independent of the platform on which it is played." Handelman went on to say that "Each game in the Dragon Warrior series is a brilliant stand-alone product that feeds into a greater, more fully involved universe that is tantalizing players of all ages."

Enix feels the appeal of the series rests in its accessibility to both beginners and more experienced gamers, as well as the care taken in translating each title. Though no firm release date was announced (it seems Slimon the slime had to flee in the face of impending steel-toed boots before he could nail down anything specific), Enix has indicated that such information will appear in the near future on their website. As usual, RPGamer will bring you all the information as it is made available.

by Andrew Long    
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