Microsoft and Discreet Sign for Dungeon Siege and Gmax
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It has been announced that Microsoft and Discreet have signed a second licensing agreement, allowing Discreet to create, publish and distribute Discreet gmax game packs for Gas Powered Games' upcoming PC RPG Dungeon Siege. According to Chris Taylor, President of Gas Powered Games', the Discreet gmax software will allow players to create their own characters, weapons, and landscapes to be used in conjunction with the Siege map editor.

Paul Perreault, gmax's Product Manager, said that game developers can use the gmax software to create game tool sets with Discreet's 3ds max software for their games that would have "unprecedented means to create game modifications." He also noted that the tool sets would become very important parts of the game experience with the gmax software, and that Discreet is committed to personalizing the game experience by providing players with 3-D software "to create, edit and share their own characters, scenery and levels."

Discreet is a subsidiary of AutoDesk Incorporated that designs systems and software for digital creation, manipulation, and editing. Dungeon Siege is scheduled for a 2002 release after it was reported earlier that the game would be need to be pushed back for further development. The game will be shipped with the gmax software and be integrated with the gmax game pack technology.

by Rebecca Phoa    
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