Dungeon Siege Delayed till 2002
Dungeon Siege

In a press release today, Microsoft announced that their forthcoming RPG, Dungeon Siege, has been bumped and will only be shipping sometime next year. Chris Taylor, lead designer at Gas Powered Games, the title's developer, stated that his team will be using the time for "tuning and balancing," in order to deliver the "over-the-top experience" that gamers were promised. While this might frustrate eager gamers, the company should be commended for taking the time to release a quality product in an age when games often arrive on shelves in a not-quite-complete state.

Dungeon Siege is a fantasy action RPG that strives to breathe an air of innovation into the gaming industry. Gas Powered has attempted to combine a detailed story, courtesy of industry veteran Neal Hallford, with solid play mechanics. We'll be on the lookout as more news is released from Microsoft concerning this anticipated title.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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