Dark Relic to See Light of Day
Dark Relic

Independent developer Novus Delta issued a press release on August 15 concerning their upcoming merger with Anvil GFX, creators of the upcoming PC game Dark Relic. Both sides seem content with the team-up, Novus Delta receiving a new development team and a promising game and Anvil GFX receiving much needed resources to aid in Dark Relic's completion. Jason Hall, producer of Dark Relic, was quoted as saying, "the new merger between Novus Delta and the Dark Relic team is a step in the right direction for independent game development, [sic] I believe with the teaming of the programming talent and experience at Novus Delta and the artistic abilities of the Dark Relic team and the combined industry knowledge we are onto a winning combination for all future projects including Dark Relic...and hopefully many more."

Dark Relic is a 3rd person action/adventure RPG which follows the quest of Darius Riever, a demonic minion of the powerful Demon Lord, Hyprax. Darius must find the "Dark Relic" for his master who, in return, will return both Darius' humanity and his very soul. Begun in 1999 and powered by the Genesis 3D engine, Dark Relic will test players with 30 levels of puzzles, traps, and monsters; currently, the game appears similar to Crystal Dynamics' Soul Reaver in both its dark, Gothic environment and its gameplay.

Along with their press release, Novus Delta has posted an official Dark Relic website with screenshots and concept art from the game. Although no official release date has been announced, the enthusiasm of the game's development team may equate to a promising future for Dark Relic.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [Blues News]
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