Sonic Team Seeking Justice for Phantasy Star Online
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Sonic Team has reported to Japanese publication Nipon Shinbun that the servers running the popular Dreamcast RPG, Phantasy Star Online, has been the target of hackers. As stated under Japan's penal code, this is a criminal action although no possible charges were revealed. Japanese police also contacted International Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization), to help investigate the crime once it was determined that the hackers lived outside of Japan.

Sonic Team's servers have reached many RPG fans everyday around the globe since Phantasy Star Online's release. Although stories like this are common, it is still a concern for people who wish to have their fun undisturbed by outside influences. In this game, players choose one of the many Player Character classes and take part in various quests in the game world. Players may also choose to log on to the aforementioned servers in order to take part in a multi-player session. Sonic Team also released an upgraded version of Phantasy Star Online, called Phantasy Star Online v.2. Phantasy Star Online v.2 is currently slated to have a North American GameCube release in 2002. Its Dreamcast release date is scheduled for September 12, 2001.

by Rebecca Phoa    
Source: [FGN Online]
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