Pillars of Garendall Enters Final Candidate Status

A brief update has been added to the progress logs on Ambrosia Software's homepage, indicating that the forthcoming RPG title, Pillars of Garendall, has reached final candidate. This basically means that the game, the first title built within Beenox's Coldstone engine, has been fully completed as far as content and coding, and is now being evaluated in a final phase of testing.

According to the progress log update from Dee Brown (head of Beenox's Coldstone project), the "epic fantasy role playing game is now out of the door. This package contains the whole game (including the movies and a fully functional plugin system) as it should be released to the world."

The next step for Pillars of Garendall will be Gold Master status, the final phase before the title will be available. A game demo will likely be downloadable at that point as well. This is the premiere title to use the Coldstone game engine, a toolset which will allow users to create their own complete RPG worlds and adventures, and export them as playable titles for both Macintosh and PC platforms. Thus, Pillars of Garendall should be a fairly good indication of what will be possible within the limits of this new RPG-making toolset. RPGamer will keep you updated as the production of both the game and the highly anticipated RPG-making toolset comes to a close.

by Matthew Wanlin
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