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Recently, Swen Vincke, the Producer and Dirk de Boeck, the Lead Story Programmer of Larian Studios answered a few questions about their PC RPG, Divine Divinity. In the interview, they revealed that Divine Divinity was started under the name of Project C, and then to the name of Divinity: Sword of Lies, in summer of 1999. The design team, after creating the game's engine, outlined that Divine Divinity was to be immersive, had easy controls, and had an easy learning curve. The game would also be filled with a variety of options for the player, had a lasting universe that people would be drawn to, and that the game would accomodate both "hack n' slash" and traditional RPG gameplay. Larian also plans for Divine Divinity to have improved fighting AI, improved interactivity with the game world, and making sure Non-Player Character reactions are genuine. The team also drew inspiration from games such as Daggerfall, Diablo, and the Ultima series. Divine Divinity is planned to have a fast-paced, action-packed story.

More specifically about making Divine Divinity, the solution to get Divine Divinity to run in three screen resolutions: 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768, caused the team to create three versions of interface plates and scripted scenes to accomodate the resolutions. Since the game was built so that the Player Character would be in the middle of the screen, a mini-map was added in the 640x480 resolution. This would allow gamers to see what was around them in this resolution whereas, there would be no minimap for the 1024x768 since this screen resolution is better and the gamer can see more in the better screen resolutions. Swen Vincke and Dirk de Boeck also added that as larger and better monitors are becoming more affordable by the general population, the 1024x768 screen resolution can be accomodated more.

Divine Divinity is a fantasy PC RPG being developed by Larian Studios and is being published by CDV Software Entertainment AG. Earlier information of this promising title can be found in this earlier article.

by Rebecca Phoa    
Source: [CDV Software Entertainment AG]
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