Two New Baldur's Gate II Patches for European Versions
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As previously reported, Bioware had released the Baldur's Gate II North American - United Kingdom 23037 patch, which had fixed a problem resulting in NPC's such as merchants "being busy" and unable to converse with the PC.

Bioware has now reported on their site, that the European 23037 patch (German, French, Italian, Spanish versions only) has now been released along with an Italian TLK patch. As with the North American - United Kingdom 23037 patch, it addresses the issue caused by Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It also fixes all the previously reported bugs. The Italian TLK patch however, addresses the dialogue and text errors that had been found in the Italian Baldur's Gate II by replacing the present TLK tables in the game.

Bioware's five particulars about the North American - United Kingdom 23037 patch also apply to the European 23037 patch. The Italian TLK patch however does not, as it is independant of any fixes in the European 23037 patch. At this time, Bioware has not addressed the 23037 patch for the Japanese and Korean versions.

by Rebecca Phoa    
Source: [ Bioware Corporation]
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