Monster Gate to Claw its Way into Japanese Arcades

With its popular Bemani series of games, Konami has proven that it is still a potent force in the insalubrious arcade game market. Now, word is out, courtesy of Konami's official site, that the company is bringing a multiplayer RPG, dubbed Monster Gate, to arcades in its home country.

The game, which is set to hit Japanese amusement halls in the Fall, is part of Konami's Medal Game series. Players utilize a personal ID card, which is used to sign-up at the onset of the game, bet Medals (credits, if you will) at mode selection, and save game status (at any stage). Gameplay will be comprised of the explorative Quest Mode, or Battle Mode, with the ultimate goal of both being to earn Magic Cards and Medals.

Quest Mode involves dungeon roaming, as either a magician or a warrior , whereby items and Magic Cards are recovered. A "Jewelery Card" is awarded once the dungeon has been cleared, and this is then redeemed for Medals. Battle Mode takes Quest Mode and expands upon it. An occupied castle must first be conquered in the same manner as in Quest Mode, and then players battle against opponents for occupancy of their territory.

Monster Gate sounds promising, but, with the rapidly declining arcade industry and accompanying buyer apprehension, the chances of the massive units making their way over the Pacific are slim. Still, RPGamer is on the case, and we'll let you know whether Konami deems us worthy of the title.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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