Anarchy Online Trial Month Begins
Anarchy Online

According to Funcom, the free trial month of online play included with the purchase of Anarchy Online has begun as of July 9th.

As previously reported, numerous problems ran rampant at the game's launch, including frequent server crashes, registration difficulty, and various gameplay bugs. Considering these serious defecits, Funcom had decided to grant a free grace period during these first two weeks of online play.

In a message to the Anarchy Online community, lead programmer, Martin Amor, discussed the improved stability of the game, the continued work on solving lag issues and framerate drops, and various smaller bug fixes.

With so many problems under their belt, Funcom believes that players should now be able to finally experience and enjoy the game that Funcom set out to create. Funcom has also redone the game's gold master disc to include the various patches developed during this grace period, saving new buyers the hassle of downloading them. Therefore, the free trial month has begun, after which, players will be billed the game's regular fee for each subsequent month of use. Funcom wishes to thank players who registered accounts as of July 9th. These players "will receive an in-game surprise at a later stage as a token of...appreciation for...[their] patience."

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [Gamespot]
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