The Best Selling Game Ever?
Final Fantasy X

In a recent article from Bloomberg Japan, Hiroshi Suzuki, president of SquareSoft, predicted a launch of 2 million copies of Final Fantasy X on its first day of release in Japan. Square expects a total sale of 4 million units in Japan alone, with the sale of FF X worldwide reaching up to 10 million units.

Although the estimate of expected sales for just one entry into the series totals almost one-third of all Final Fantasy games sold worldwide, this prediction is perhaps well-founded. Over 9.2 million Playstation 2 units have been sold worldwide as of March 31, 2001 with 20 million more expected to ship by the end of this fiscal year. With 3.3 million PS2's currently sold in Japan and with Japanese gamers chomping at the bit for a pure PS2 RPG, chances are that Square's first next-generation offering will sell as well as Mr. Suzuki has boasted. Such a momentous sale would mean good news for Square which has recently had its share of financial troubles.

Whether or not Square can meet this lofty goal will be determined on July 19th when Final Fantasy X is released in Japan. Step two of Square's plans will occur during the game's North American launch, the first quarter of 2002.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [Gamespot]
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