Anarchy Online Problems Addressed
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Just after the launch of Anarchy Online, there have been a smattering of technical problems experienced by online gamers despite the recent garnering of 35,000 registered accounts.

General issues plaguing the MMORPG are login difficulties due to traffic, the general instability of the game, and lag/crashes. Individually, some people have experienced difficulties in registering CD keys because of web browser interfaces which has been fixed. There have also been registration difficulties due to large amounts of people logging in at the same time.

Funcom, the company who developed Anarchy Online has increased user capacity to fix this problem. Also due to the overwhelming response for the game, Funcom has also bolstered their Customer Support staff to field it all as they found they were having some problem in keeping up.

Funcom wishes to apologize to their customers for these difficulties although the first month of playtime will not start until further notice.

by Rebecca Phoa    
Source: [Funcom]
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