Square Contemplates Third Chrono Title

With a status among fans rivalling that of its Final Fantasy series, Square's two games, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are some of the company's most prestigious titles. With prestige also comes sales potential, so it's hardly surprising that Square is now in the planning stages for a third title in the series. Hironobu Sakaguchi confirmed yesterday that there were already several script ideas being mulled over, and that a number of members of the original Chrono team "want to continue the series and create a new Chrono game, especially the former director."

Although this is certainly encouraging news, given the quality of both previous entries in the series, nothing has been finalized yet. Sakaguchi went on to say that "...there hasn't been a green light for production yet," so although it is highly likely that a new entry in the series will one day surface, exactly when remains a mystery. Furthermore, Square has been leaning recently towards moving away from its exclusive relationship with Sony, so the platform on which this game might appear remains uncertain as well. Even so, expect RPGamer to cover this game as more details emerge.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Gamespot]
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