Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Premieres In L.A.
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

While fans of the Final Fantasy series still have eight days to wait until the North American release of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, those in the know were at the film's world premiere last night. Several of the film's stars convened at the Mann Bruin theater in Los Angeles for the first screening of the mammoth undertaking.

For those of you that have missed the advertising blitzkrieg currently underway, the film deals with Dr. Aki Ross, she of Maxim fame, and, in the words of the press release, provides "a fresh, provocative take on the sci-fi genre". Of interest to gamers is that Hironobu Sakaguchi, director of the Final Fantasy series, has taken on directorial duties on the motion picture.

Some early reviews have pegged the film as being all bang and no story, but this won't deter those of you reading this, I'm sure. For more details on Square's venture outside of gaming, check out RPGamer's Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within page, and keep an eye out for our full review of the movie. I'll see you in the theater next Wednesday.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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